日本初の バズリクソンズ BR80489 レザー B-3 フライトジャケット シープスキン Buzz Rickson メンズ B3 新品-コート・ジャケット

バズリクソンズ BR80489 レザー B-3 フライトジャケット シープスキン Buzz Rickson メンズ B3 新品

東洋エンタープライズ社(Toyo Enterprises)のミリタリーレーベル「Buzz Rickson バズリクソン」のシープスキンムートンB-3フライトジャケット(メンズ ミリタリー ボマージャケット)です。

B-3は1930年代に米国陸軍航空隊(The United States Army Air Forces / USAAF)に正式採用された、寒冷地気候用フライトジャケットです。


この製品は、ラフウェア社(Rough Wear Clothing Co.)が製造していた初期モデルの復刻モデルです。











作品名は「BR80489 Men's Genuine Sheepskin Leather B-3 Bomber Jacket Duo Tone / バズリクソンズ (バズリクソン) by 東洋エンタープライズ リアルムートン B-3 フライトジャケット 裏ボアジャケット シープスキンレザーシェルパジャケット シェアリングハーフコート メンズ アウター シールブラウン タイプ B-3 本革(羊革レザー) フライングジャケット ボマージャケット メンズ ミリタリージャケット シープスキンジャケット デュオトーン」です。

Product Description in English.

Buzz Rickson BR80489 Men's Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket Reproduction Rough Wear

This jacket is made in Japan and produced by Buzz Rickson's ( Buzz Ricksons Buzz Rickson ) by Toyo Enterprises. Body pattern is a reproduction of the Type B-3 USAAF (United States Army Air Forces) Flight Jacket ( bomber jacket Flying Jacket military aviator jacket ) from Rough Wear Clothing Co. And this jacket is cut to Slimmer Fit with short length for a more fashion-forward looks.

Gender : Men.

Fit : Slimmer Fit with short length for a more fashion-forward looks.

Our model wears a size US 36( US XS-S) and is 175cm/5'9″tall, 61kg/134lbs and 91cm/36" chest.

Sizes available.
・US 36 ( US XS-S / UK 34-36 )
・US 38 ( US S-M / UK 36-38 )
・US 40 ( US M-L / UK 38-40 )
・US 42 ( US L-XL / UK 40-42 )
・US 44 ( US XL-XXL / UK 42-44 )

The following provides approximate garment measurements. (Not human body measurements).
Please compare actual garment measurements of our product to another you may own.

・Japan 36 (US XS-S)__Width: 19.7"__Length: 24.0"__Sleeve: 32.3"__Shoulder: 17.7"
・Japan 38 (US S-M)__Width: 20.5"__Length: 24.8"__Sleeve: 33.5"__Shoulder: 18.5"
・Japan 40 (US M-L)__Width: 21.3"__Length: 25.6"__Sleeve: 34.3"__Shoulder: 19.3"
・Japan 42 (US L-XL)__Width: 22.4"__Length: 25.6"__Sleeve: 35.0"__Shoulder: 19.7"
・Japan 44 (US XL-XXL)__Width: 23.6"__Length: 26.0"__Sleeve: 35.4"__Shoulder: 20.5"

Width is half chest.
Lay the clothing flat and measure 3 cm under the armhole. Measure from side to side.
(Considering the thickness of clothing, measure from inside the material on each instead of external measurements).

Please note that : This product is originally intended to wear as a Slimmer Fit with short length for a more fashion-forward looks than Classic Fit. If you plan to wear heavy layers under this jacket style or If you prefer a relaxed fit, please choose one size bigger.

For more information, please refer to HOW TO MEASURE THE CLOTHING shown in the image.

If you are unsure of the size to order, we will assist you. Please contact us by e-mail ( pine-avenue@spa.nifty.com ) with the following information : Height, waist circumference measure, chest circumference measure, body weight, (and type of clothing to be worn beneath the jacket most of the time), as well as the type of fit you prefer : Trim, roomy or oversized.

Made in Japan.
Brand-new, new condition with tags.
*All measurements are taken with the garment flat on the ground.
*Sleeve length is taken from the center back of the neck.
*Please understand that measurements may vary somewhat.
*Note that actual color may be slightly different from one in the photo.

Outer shell : Made with 100% pure sheepskin. Lacquer Leather Finish and Chrome tanned Genuine Sheepskin Leather shell. Rugged-grain and old-fashioned appearance on the face of the fabric for the fashionable vintage feel and look. The real leather combines the durability and the natural softness for comfort to wear.

Lining shell for body and sleeves : Fully lined, The body and sleeves are lined in all-natural Shearling fur in beige. Real mouton fabric (Real sherpa wool fleece lining), which retains heat and protects you from the cold.

Leather parts : Vegetable Tanning Horse Hide.

Belt parts : Vegetable Tanning Cowhide Aniline Finished.

Snap button : U.S. Govelnment Department of Defense Specs.Brass Black Oxidized.

Type of insulation : Suitable for mild or colder winter.

Placket type : Heavy weight Talon Mil Specs nickel finished zip. Zipper closure with internal storm flap. An internal storm flap behind the zipper prevents the wind from slipping through the front. This B-3 use a Talon zipper on wide herringbone tape. A leater tab has been attached to zipper pull-tab, making it easy to open and close when riding a motorcycle or wearing gloves (or both).

Collar type : Stand & fall collar with double buckle throat latch (buckle adjustment straps) for use in foul weather to enable the jacket to provide added protection to the lower part of the face. Can be worn up or down. The collar has two straps, each fastening with a buckle.

Back type : This B-3 has two large back panels with a centre seam over a narrow waistband.

Cuff type : Cuffs can be worn down or folded back. The cuffs are versatile and fold back easily. This allows them to be worn either up or down to suit your preference.

Storage : Single external contrast color map pocket on the right hand side on the waist.

Style : Mens Casual Fashion Military style.

Pattern Type : United States ARMY AIR FORCES Insignia Paint on left side shoulder sleeve.

Sleeve Style : Set-in sleeves.

Sleeve Length : Long.

Body length : Above Hip.

Label : Rough Wear Clothing Co.

Other details : This B-3 uses the correct B-3 weight heavy Shearling Sheepskin with extra strong Horsehide contrast color sleeve panels overlays for extra protection. And all seams is reinforced with horse hide leather tape. This B-3 jacket has the two-tone (duo tone) color scheme where the sleeve horsehide reinforcements panels, pocket, and trim are in russet brown hide over the darkly shaded shearling. Horsehide Leather Shoulder Tabs to show officers rank. Cuffs can be worn down or folded back. Buckle adjustment straps on collar and hem. The collar has a neck strap (a chin strap, a throat tab, a throat latch) that fastens across the neck when the collars of the jacket are upturned. It is used to protect the wearer from wind or dust. The hanging chain loop in neck area of interior.

Buzz Rickson's (Buzz Ricksons / Buzz Rickson) is a casualwear brand founded by Toyo Enterprises in Tokyo, Japan.

American (USAAF) Second World War period flying jacket. Originally introduced in 1934, the B-3 was a standard flying jacket by May 1943, superceded by the later AN-J-4 type.

This B-3 is the reproduction of the original vintage Rough Wear Clothing Co. Type B-3.

This style combines the original features of classic military flight jackets with styling and tailoring from Buzz Rickson's collection.

B-3, a masterpiece of shearling jasket, was offcially adopted in 1934 as a flight jacket for winter season Using luxurious sheepskin, this jacket offers high cold protection perfor-mance as well as the stylish look with a large collar, tight cuffs, and a waist adjusting belt. This B-3 jacket was initially manufactured by the Rough Wear Clothing Company, which applied 1/2 vertical cut pattern and sewing line in the center of the back. It is considered to be an extremely luxurious usage of the sheepskin in terms of the cutting efficiency compared to the three-piece cut pattern used in the wartime for mass production.
Model name : BR80489 Men's Genuine Sheepskin Leather B-3 Bomber Jacket Duo Tone / Flying Jacket, Type B-3 USAAF (United States Army Air Forces) / Mens B3 air force Sherpa Coat / Shearling leather Flight Jacket (bomber coat) for Men.

Buzz Rickson's-rodeo-japan

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日本初の バズリクソンズ BR80489 レザー B-3 フライトジャケット シープスキン Buzz Rickson メンズ B3 新品-コート・ジャケット

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